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20 Great (and Cheap) Father's Day Gifts for $50 or Less

If you’re looking to avoid spending much money, we’ve rounded up more than a few cheap Father’s Day gifts good for everyone, on any budget.

#1 Diesel Fuel for Life for Men

Gifting a fragrance is only a cliche if the fragrance involved isn't as good as this one. If your dad isn't the signature scent type of guy he soon will be

#2 Charging Magnetic Mount

The days of your dad scrambling to find his phone in between the crevices of his car seats are finally over.

#3 Magic Bullet Personal Blender

If dad wants a snack with minimal effort, give him the blender that makes cheffing up a smoothie as easy as pressing one button. 

#4 Knot Cuff Links

Gift pops a pair of cuff links in a subtle silver color for when he needs to suit up in style.

#5 Push-Up Elite

If your dad's eager to stay in shape but nervous about tweaking a sore muscle, Perfect Fitness' push-up handles help him nail the form without putting undue pressure on any body part.

#6 Homesick Scented Candle, Montana

A high-quality candle to help him unwind wherever he is.

#7 Quick Wipes

Your dad definitely doesn't want a new pair of shoes. Instead, gift him the tools he needs to keep the pairs he already has in pristine condition.

#8 FOR THE NEW DAD. Mulberry Silk Eyemask

For the man on the move—or the new dad getting in naps when he can—a silky sleep mask makes nodding off easier than ever.

#9 Relaxed Baseball Cap

Hey man, they don't call 'em "dad hats" for nothing. 

#10 BEST FOR HEALTH NUTS. Collagen Peptides

Gift the dad giving it his all to stay in fighting shape a supplement that'll keep him there.

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