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25 Funniest Gift Ideas for Father's Day

fathers day gifts ideas

So, on Father’s Day, you have a choice: to give him something quite stylish and very cool, or to go the route of the gag gift. And we gotta say, funny might be just what he and the rest of the family need this year.

#1 Dinosaur Coffee Mug



It'll serve as a daily reminder of how awesome he is.

#2 Go the F-ck to Sleep

By Adam Mansbach


An expletive-laced ode to fatherhood will hit the funny bone of the dad who's got sleep-adverse offspring running amok.

#3 Custom Dad Bobblehead



Get him a completely customized bobblehead that looks exactly like him and shares his many interesting hobbies.

#4 Volt Food Chain Boxer Briefs

Volt Food Chain Boxer Briefs



Sure, these boxers are pretty funny, but they're also kinda really cool. For the dad who'll appreciate the duality.

#5 Baseball Diamond Cornhole Game

Custom Cornhole Boards


For the dad who's distraught over the lack of pro sports this year. He's gotta pass the time somehow.

#6 The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes

By Ian Allen


Everyone's got to study up to stay at the top of their game. Including dads.

#7 John Beer Shirt



Something to wear on Saturday afternoons spent pushing the mower.

#8 Golf-Club Style BBQ Grill Set



Combine his two great loves: golf and grilling.

#9 Banana Bluetooth Phone

Banana Phone


Ring, ring.

#10 Egg Spatula

Creative Kitchen


Time to up his egg game.

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fathers day gifts ideas

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