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Are You Secretly a Princess?

Can you be a good princess?

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    What do you think being a princess means?

    • Getting everything I want
    • Being bossy and not lifting a finger
    • Acting like royalty and being kind to others
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    Which of these outfits are you most comfortable in?

    • Short clothing
    • Casual clothing
    • Comfortable clothing
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    What colors do you typically wear?

    • Bright pinks
    • Pastels
    • Dark colors
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    How do you feel about makeup?

    • I couldn’t live without it
    • I wear it sometimes
    • I’m not a fan of it
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    How long does it normally take you to get ready?

    • 15 minutes
    • 30 minutes
    • Over an hour
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    What would your princess dress look like?

    • It would be a glamorous mermaid dress
    • It would be a traditional A-line dress
    • It would be a sheath dress
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    Which cosmetic item would you never leave your house without?

    • My blush
    • My concealer
    • My lip gloss
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    What color hair does your favorite princess have?

    • Blonde
    • Brown
    • Black

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