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Do I Have a Chance With Him ?

Do I Have a Chance With Him?

So there is someone out there you go crazy about, eh? Do thoughts whether his feelings to you are as strong and genuine as yours keep you awake at night?

Why tease yourself? Our romantic quiz from Quizors is going to help you understand how big your chances with him are.

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    Does he like and comment on your social media?

    • Bruh..Every single time
    • Pretty much never
    • Sometimes
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    Do you two chill one-on-one?

    • No, only in groups
    • No, but we’ve been talking about doing something like that
    • Yuh, that’s totally our vibe
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    When you’re together how often does he check his phone?

    • He doesn’t look at it unless it buzzes
    • Once an hour
    • Basically the whole time
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    How many times a day does he text you?

    • Once or twice
    • Never unless I’ve been texting him
    • All. Day. Long.
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    Does he start text conversation with you or does he just reply to your text?

    • He’s never initiated a chat with me
    • We text each other an equal amount
    • He contacts me more than I contact him
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    Do you make him laugh?

    • Not that I have noticed
    • Sometimes
    • Yes, quite often
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    Does he remember your birthday?

    • Yes, he acknowledges it
    • He doesn’t know it
    • Yes, he makes a big deal of it
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    What do you two usually talk about?

    • We haven’t had many one-on-one conversations
    • We talk about memes we both like
    • Everything! We’re like best friends
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    Has he ever complimented someone else in front of you?

    • Only in platonic way
    • When I’m around, no other people exist
    • Yes… my best friend
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    If you did a slow fade of his life, do you think he’d notice?

    • Yes! And he wouldn’t like it
    • He’d be shook.We see each other almost every day
    • Maybe? I’m not totally sure

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