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Do You Have the Brain of a Detective?

Do You Have the Brain of a Detective?

Have you ever managed to solve the mystery of a crime in TV series before the main character did it?

Do you think your wit and detective talent can outshine Sherlock Homes and Miss Marple? Let’s check it out! And our mysterious quiz from Zaebuzz is going to help you with it.

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    How fast a reader are you?

    • Hang on, I’m still reading
    • A minute per page
    • Three minutes per page
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    Do people ever tell you things they probably shouldn’t?

    • Occasionally
    • Weirdly often
    • Only my mom, I wish she wouldn’t
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    What does it mean if you are questioning someone, and they suddenly cross their arms during questioning?

    • They are uncomfortable about the subject of conversation
    • They are soothing themself with sort of self-hug
    • They are closing themselves off, physically
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    How many Nancy Drew books have you read?

    • None, but I watched the TV showNone, but I watched the TV show
    • All of them
    • I knew a girl called Nancy once she was cool
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    How would you find the address of a total stranger you knew only by name?

    • Ask around with my friends about who might know them
    • Find where they live via facebook and then do a web search including their location
    • Put it out into the universe
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    How good are you at research?

    • I don’t do research. Instinct is all I need
    • I’m very good
    • I’m only OK
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    What is the most important factor in determining guilt?

    • Motive
    • Opportunity
    • Eye patches and mustaches you can twirl
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    What do you think it means if someone seems uncomfortable while having a conversation through a norway?

    • They worried about who might be listening
    • They worried about earthquakes
    • They are Russian
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    Which of these signs points to someone having once been a ballet dancer?

    • Perfect posture
    • Standing in third position without realizing it
    • Wearing a TUTU
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    How well can you keep your emotions in check when the stakes are high?

    • It’s difficult, but I’m capable of doing it
    • I can’t say I’ll remain cool, but I’ll try
    • I can take anything! Just try me!

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Your Choices Will Reveal A Lot About Your Personality !