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Does He Like Me?

Does not love? Or is there still a chance?

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    What is your relationship with your crush?

    • We know each other, but have never talked
    • You could say he has no idea who I am
    • Just friends
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    Have you ever caught your crush looking at you?

    • Yes
    • Maybe
    • No
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    What would you do if you ran into your crush out in public?

    • Freak out
    • Walk by and smile
    • Spark up a conversation
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    Does your crush follow you on social media?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I do not know
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    Choose an iconic romance story:

    • Titanic
    • The Notebook
    • Romeo & Juliet
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    How do you usually act around your crush?

    • Nervous but I try to be cool
    • I’m pretty much just myself around him
    • I usually get pretty flustered and shy
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    What would your dream first date with your crush be?

    • A picnic on the beach at sunset
    • Hanging out at one of our houses and watching a movie
    • Taking a horse-drawn carriage to a fancy 5-star dinner
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    What is most important to you in a boyfriend?

    • Someone that can make me laugh
    • Someone who shares all my same interests
    • Someone I can trust

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