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Ghost, Elf Or Teacher?

Who would you be at Hogwarts?

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    What genre of films do you like?

    • Horror
    • Melodrama
    • Comedy
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    How do you feel about household chores?

    • Never liked to do them
    • It is necessary, but not always pleasant
    • I love cleaning and cooking
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    Who do you think is the most harmful on this list?

    • Granger. Again she knows more than anyone
    • Malfoy. Probably soon you will need a stretcher
    • Potter. He’s in the spotlight again
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    How do you feel about homework?

    • I do it every day
    • I do, but not always
    • Why do it, if you can write off?
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    What is your main quality?

    • Tolerance
    • Sensitivity
    • Sympathy
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    Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

    • Sitting in a chair and knitting socks
    • Reading newspapers lying on the couch
    • A lot of sleeping
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    How do you usually do business?

    • Fast but high quality
    • Fast and sloppy
    • Slow but good
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    For what purpose did you come to Hogwarts?

    • Help students become better
    • Follow discipline and rules
    • Have fun and prank the students

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