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How Close Are You And Your Best Friend?

How close are you to your friend?

What do you think? Do you really know them? Are you two best…Then go ahead!

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    Do you know your BFF’s birthday?

    • Absolutely
    • I think so
    • Nope
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    Do they know when your birthday is?

    • I highly doubt it
    • I hope so
    • Of course
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    How long have you been best friends?

    • We just became friends
    • For a fair amount of time
    • Forever
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    Do you ever fight?

    • Occasionally
    • Pretty regularly
    • We don’t really talk all that much
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    What do you usually fight about?

    • Anything and everything
    • Nothing super major, just petty things
    • We don’t really fight
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    Are you close with your best friend’s family?

    • Yes, they love me
    • I haven’t met them
    • Sort of, but not really
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    Have you ever been on a vacation with your best friend?

    • Tons
    • We’re planning one
    • Never
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    Is your best friend your only friend?

    • Yes
    • Not at all
    • No

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