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Just How Shy Are You? [ 10 Questions ]

Does public speaking make you feel uncomfy or straight-up nauseous?

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    How does it make you feel to start a new school or job and have to introduce yourself to everyone?

    • Excited, honestly
    • A little nervous
    • Pretty anxious, tbh
    • Nauseous, actually
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    What’s the general volume of your voice?

    • Medium, like everyone else?
    • Louder than average, I’ve been told
    • Pretty quiet
    • A lot of people have actually never heard my voice, actually
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    Have you ever done karaoke?

    • I looooove karaoke
    • Ugh, once, and it was terrifying
    • Oh my god I would NEVER
    • **goes into dry heaves**
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    How do you feel about speaking in public?

    • It’s not an issue
    • I’m not great at it, but I don’t mind it
    • I’ll do it if I HAVE to
    • I would rather die
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    How easily does asking strangers (say, a store clerk) for help come to you?

    • It’s second nature!
    • I’d rather not do it, but it’s all right
    • It takes me a while to work up the courage
    • Please don’t make me ask for help!!
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    Do you rehearse conversations in your head before you have them out loud?

    • Nope!
    • Big conversations, yes
    • All the time
    • Yes, and then I usually decide that it’s better if I don’t say anything at all
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    What’s your friend group like?

    • I have a huge group of friends
    • I have 3-4 very close friends
    • I have one best friend
    • I have a few friends from different groups
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    What are you like at parties?

    • I’m the one telling the hilarious story that everyone’s laughing at
    • I’m the one dancing in the living room
    • I’m the one having a solo convo with a good friend in the kitchen
    • I’m the one who stayed home
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    What do you do when people sing “Happy Birthday” to you?

    • Smile and absorb the attention
    • Stand there and feel awkward until it’s over
    • Stare at the ground until it’s over
    • I usually beg my friends not to sing at all
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    How often do you make the first move on a crush?

    • Almost always! I like the power
    • Not often, unless I know that my feelings are reciprocated
    • Almost never. That stuff is scary!
    • What is this “first move” that you speak of? I’m not familiar…

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