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Pick Out a New Wardrobe and We’ll Tell You How Stylish You Are!

How Stylish Are You?

Are you a trendsetter or are you only dreaming about becoming one? Before you tell us, take our fashionable quiz from Quizors !

Find out whether your sense of style makes a room go silent when you walk in or whether putting outfits together is not your cup of tea.

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    What word best describes your closet?

    • Tiny
    • Fun
    • Dreamy
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    Which jeans silhouette do you prefer?

    • Skinny
    • Straight Leg
    • Boyfriend
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    Are You A Big Fan Of Ripped Jeans?

    • No
    • Only if done tastefully
    • The more rips, the better!
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    How would you describe your style?

    • I’d say it’s chic
    • I’d say it’s casual
    • I’d say it’s average
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    When it comes to headwear, which would be your first choice?

    • I’d wear a beanie
    • I’d wear a boater hat
    • I’d wear a baseball
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    Would you lend anyone your clothes/makeup or jewelry?

    • No, no one
    • Yes, any of my friends or family
    • Very few friends
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    When it comes to jackets, which of following would you want to wear the most?

    • A leather jacket
    • A trenchcoat
    • A denim jacket
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    What do your friends think of your shopping habits?

    • They think that I’m cheap
    • They think that I shop way too much
    • They think that I can do what ever I want
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    How much does your style vary through the seasons?

    • very little
    • quite a bit
    • it completely changes
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    Would you call yourself a fashionista?

    • I invented the world
    • More like a trainee
    • Not at all


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