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This Quiz Will Reveal What Douche You’ll Date Based on Your Relationship Habits

This Quiz Will Reveal What Douche You’ll Date Based on Your Relationship Habits. It is really)

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    Where do you usually go looking to meet someone?

    • Tinder
    • Bar
    • Coffee shop
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    Which of these is a dealbreaker for you?

    • To boring
    • To dump
    • To many lies
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    Which of these dates would you like the LEAST?

    • Going to his buddy’s house to watch the game
    • Getting drunk at the bar and your boyfriend meeting up with other friends, leaving you behind
    • Hanging out at home and watching reruns of LOST
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    My boyfriend in this weird simulation has ________ hair

    • Black
    • Brown
    • Blonde
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    Pick the LEAST romantic sentence

    • You kinda look like my sister
    • Before sex: “I’m about to blow your mind.”
    • You should meet my parents
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    Your date’s not going well. What do you do to compensate?

    • Drink excessively
    • Call a friend and try to bail
    • Lean into it. Make it the worst date ever, on my terms
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    How do you feel about having sex when there’s a chance you might get caught?

    • Hell yeah. I have most of my sex in nightclub bathrooms anyway
    • Nope, never. The comfort of my own bed, please
    • I would only risk it if I REALLY needed to…
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    Being in a committed relationship means…

    • Perfectly monogamous, but I still have my guy friends
    • I don’t want him talking to other girls, so I don’t really talk to other guys
    • Whatever the hell I want it to mean

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