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What Level Sassy Are You?

Are sassy pants part of your wardrobe?

A little sass can go a long way toward making life fun. Ever wonder just how sassy you are?

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    In a conversation you tend to…

    • Dominate. I have a lot to say and it is all important
    • Keep it balanced.
    • Clam up.
    • Get sleepy.
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    What’s your favorite body language expression?

    • Finger wave
    • Eye roll
    • Hair flip
    • Head tilt
    • Side eye
    • None of these
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    Are you comfortable around strangers and large groups of people?

    • Yes, I love it
    • The larger and strangers the better
    • I’m already panicking
    • No, I hate it
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    Which slang term makes your eyes roll?

    • BAE
    • BASIC
    • TURNT
    • ON FLEEK
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    Choose a synonym for SASSY

    • Bold
    • Brassy
    • Cheeky
    • Fresh
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    How often do you talk back to authority figures?

    • All the time
    • Never
    • Rarely
    • From time to time
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    What’s your drink of choice?

    • Chocolate milk
    • Beer
    • Red wine
    • Coconut water
    • Vitamin water
    • Sweet tea
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    You’re late for work… again. What do you do?

    • Late? I’m never late
    • I call ahead and ask a coworker to cover for me
    • I call my boss, sweet talk and apologize
    • I waltz in fashionably late as if nothing happened

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