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What Monster Is hiding In Your soul?

Let’s determine which of the 6 types of inner monsters lives in your soul.

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    You’re walking home from school one day when Instead of just going home immediately you decide to stop by a local gas station for munchies.As your walking there though ,you see 3 people beating up on 1 person. What do you do?

    • I always liked seeing bad people put In their place,maybe this Is my chance to be the reason that happens *starts walking towards fight*
    • Well It’s obvious what I’m going to do. Who do these people think I am some pansy that just stands around and watches this stuff happen!? Time to kick some ass! (Me:well somebody is a certified badass)
    • I never was a fan of seeing this stuff happen to people,so I’ll call for help AS I’m helping the person
    • I know If I was that person I would want somebody to help me. I guess It’s time for me to fight
    • The logical thing would be to go get help but I know by the time I do the muggers will be gone,so I guess all I can do now Is protect him the best I can
    • The right thing to do here is go get help. I know It may not be the most immediate form of help but In the end It will be the best………I think at least.
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    Click on the thing that you would prefer to learn/hear about?

    • I would love to hear about somebody changing themselves to be different but then realizing It’s not right
    • I would like to hear about bad people being put In their place
    • I always was a big fan of historic stuff,so I guess battles and victories I guess
    • How bout miracles,that sounds like a fun thing to learn about
    • I hate learning In general but If I had to choose, I would want to learn about something like “badass people In history”. What? I can relate to them after all
    • I would like to learn about somebody that saved/protected something important and succeeded.
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    What are you used to doing by now?

    • I’m used to looking after myself by now. I never wanted help anyways
    • I’m used to just staying inside my room away from people,feels nice
    • I’m used to being conflicted/torn on what to do almost all the time
    • Protecting the things I love,yep I said It
    • Helping people whenever I get the chance to
    • Pushing myself to be better,I’m a trooper
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    Which of these do you think Is your way of thinking?

    • Being social Is too normal for my tastes
    • I have higher standards for myself then most people
    • I wonder If I changed this or that about myself,would I fit In better?
    • I bring a lot of things with me because I want to be prepared for anything that may happen
    • I always tend to put others needs In front of my own needs
    • I’m not somebody that’s afraid to take initiative or do something stupid,that’s why I’m awesome
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    Which of these Is your strongest personality trait?

    • My strenght
    • My kindness
    • My loyalty
    • My “Uniqueness”
    • My determination
    • My understanding of others
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    Due to your personality which of these things does It cause you to do a lot?

    • A lot of times It causes me to be sporadic
    • It sometimes causes me to be overprotective of things
    • It sometimes causes me to go a little overboard on things
    • Sometimes It makes me think that fake things are actually real
    • Most of the time my personality causes me to avoid social contact……..a lot
    • I hate to admit It but sometimes It makes me do more work than I need
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    Choose Something One

    • I sometimes do evil things because I have to follow my reputation of people saying I’m intimidating and look strong.
    • I started changing myself little by little,until I didn’t even know if I was the same person
    • Some people say I look tough while others say I don’t,but inside I know I am
    • I’m a pretty down to earth person that never was a big fan of the “big life”though I still want friends. That’s why I sadly show people a “fake side” of me rather than the real me.
    • Even though I may over prepare sometimes I’m still a gentle,decently smart,caring person that will protect anybody that they care about
    • Just because people see me as a nice person doesn’t mean I don’t know when to get serious

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