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What Would You Be In A Fantasy World?

Take just now this quiz and find out what would you be in a fantasy world.

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    With supernatural ability, you would most likely become what?

    • A protective guardian
    • A giving healer
    • A mysterious conjurer
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    In a fantasy world, your most powerful skill would be?

    • Super strength
    • Unbeatable speed
    • The power of illusion
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    How important to you is your human form?

    • Not important at all
    • I’d like to remain partially human
    • I want to keep my body
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    Pick a weapon to defend yourself with:

    • Yes
    • No
    • /
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    You’ll fight for the honor of…

    • I don’t like fighting
    • My loved ones
    • The throne
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    Will you rule your fantasy realm or live as a citizen?

    • I just want to live my own life
    • I don’t want to rule, but I’ll help keep order
    • I want to live as an active citizen
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    In which way will you charm other creatures?

    • With my intelligence
    • With my spunky personality
    • With my fierce determination
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    Are you more alive during the night or day?

    • day
    • night
    • both

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