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What Your Hair Says about Your True Personality?

What Your Hair Says About You?

What Does Your Hair Say About Your Personality? It’s believed that eyes are the windows to our souls. Still hair sometimes can say much more about our inner world.

Whether you are a blonde with long hair or a happy owner of short black hair, wait no longer to find out what secrets your hairstyle is hiding from the world. And Quizors will help you with it.

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    Do you have long or short hair?

    • I have very short hair
    • My hair is about medium-length
    • I have very long hair
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    What color is your hair?

    • Blonde
    • Black or Brown
    • Red or other
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    A lazy day calls for which of these hairstyles?

    • A messy bun
    • A ponytail
    • I wouldn’t style my hair at all on a lazy day!
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    How often do you get a haircut?

    • Often, because I like my hair really short
    • Once every few months
    • When it gets too long
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    How often do you wash your hair?

    • Almost every day
    • When feels greasy
    • Once or twice a week
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    Do you receive compliments about your hair?

    • Yes, all the time
    • No, not really
    • Only when it styled nicely
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    You can’t live without which of these hair tools

    • My comb
    • My hairdryer
    • My hair straightener
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    Which of these bold hair colors would you try for a day?

    • Bright Blue
    • Vivid Red
    • Jet Black
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    Your favourite hair accessory is…

    • A pretty headband
    • A ribbon
    • A jeweled pin
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    Your hair smells like…

    • It needs to be washed
    • Clean air
    • Flowers

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