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Which Disney Duo Describes You and Your Bestie?

Take the quiz below to find out which Disney duo you and your BFF are most like.

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    How long have you and your bestie known each other?

    • Since high school
    • A few years now
    • We just met! But we totally click
    • We grew up together
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    Which Disney song best describes your friendship?

    • Beauty and the Beast
    • You’ve got a friend in me
    • Part of Your World
    • Hakuna Matata
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    Your friend had a crappy day at work; how do you cheer them up?

    • I make them laugh
    • I have a heart to heart with them
    • I make them a nice dinner
    • I’m not sure… but I’ll think of something
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    When was the last time you and your bestie had a fight?

    • Fight? Never!
    • I prefer the word “bicker”
    • I honestly don’t remember
    • We’re fightning right now
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    What’s one thing you love about your best friend?

    • their loyalty
    • their sass
    • their ability to keep my secrets
    • their authenticity
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    If you and your Best Friend were foods, what would you be?

    • Wine and cheese
    • Bread and jam
    • Pancakes and syrup
    • Mac and Cheese
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    What do you and your bestie bond over?

    • Art and Music
    • Adventure
    • Practical jokes
    • Life’s simple pleasures
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    Your friend has started hanging out with someone else. How do you feel about it?

    • Very, very jealous
    • Excited! The more friends, the merrier
    • I”l host a dinner party so i can meet them
    • I don’t really care/ I don’t own my friend
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    Your best friend is always…

    • Telling Stories
    • Reminding me of what could go wrong
    • Saying something silly
    • Trying to fix a problem

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