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Who Were You In Your Past Life?

Who were you in the past and what did you do?

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    Which of these memories do you often think of?

    • In the sea
    • Put the game
    • Fingerprints as a child
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    Do you often experience déjà vu?

    • Often
    • Not really
    • Never again
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    If you experience déjà vu, where do you usually experience it?

    • While watching TV
    • Making art
    • I really don’t feel it
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    Which word suits you best?

    • Polite
    • Hard
    • Other
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    Who do you see yourself as?

    • Thinker
    • Follower
    • Leader
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    Have you ever had the excruciating feeling that you can’t remember something?

    • Never again
    • Not too often
    • All the time
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    Do you like to lead people?

    • I do not like this
    • Depends on the situation
    • I like to be responsible
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    What do you usually remember when you look back?

    • Romantic times
    • Arguments and difficulties
    • Achievements

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