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Would You Survive In Demon Slayer? – New Kimetsu No Yaiba Quiz 2021

Would You Survive In Demon Slayer? Think you could survive?

You have joined the demon slayer corps! Who do you team up with?

Are you brave enough to survive? Take this quiz to test your survival knowledge and see if you would survive here. Will you bravely fight off your competitors or die in a ditch on the first day. Only one way to find out, by taking this test.

Take this New Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer Quiz and Good Luck!

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  • Question /

    Your family has been killed by a demon. You are…

    • Sad and can’t stop crying
    • Happy but tries to escape from the demon
    • You are full of anger and jumps at the demon with no weapon
  • Question /

    Whatever you did failed but before the demon could kill you a pillar comes to the rescue. you….

    • You are happy, thanks the pillar as he leaves
    • You are scared of the pillar and blames the death of your family on him
    • You thank him and ask about the demons
  • Question /

    Your training is hard. Do you give up?

    • Yes
    • Never
    • Who said I was training?
  • Question /

    After a month, you finally accepted that you can’t use breaths. What do you do?

    • Find another way to kill demons
    • Who said I was training?
    • I already gave up
  • Question /

    You have joined the demon slayer corps! Who do you team up with?

    • Tanjiro
    • Zenitsu
    • Inosuke
  • Question /

    You find out who the demon is, you…

    • Kill it even if its killua!
    • Leave it alone
    • Run away
  • Question /

    Do you like kny?

    • Yes
    • No
    • What does this have to do with whether I survive?
  • Question /

    You focus on…

    • Yourself. Who cares about the others?
    • Ill help any one in trouble
    • Reading manga

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