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You’re Bitchy AF If You Fail This Quiz


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    • Avoid eye contact and keep walking.
    • Tell them their outfit is amazing to their face, but then later talk about how hideous it is with your friends.
    • Tell them their outfit is really unique and they totally pull it off!
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    • Gasp and tell the person it is okay, but still give them a look that lets them know you’re upset.
    • Tell the person it’s okay, they’re just pants.
    • Let the person know these were your new pants and now they’re ruined.
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    • Avoid eye contact and rush to put your cart before them.
    • Tell them they can go ahead of you.
    • Tell them you’re in a big hurry and get in front of them.
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    • Politely make an excuse as to why you can’t go out with them.
    • Say yes (for the free meal), but then regret it and back out a few hours before the date.
    • Make it known that you would not be caught dead with them (hey, you need to get your point across).
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    • Accept the free ticket without hesitation and text your BFF to let them know.
    • Reschedule your bestie night for Saturday. Your BFF will understand.
    • Turn down the ticket, you BFF needs you right now.

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