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The 18 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas for New Dads

Your brother or best friend or work colleague or lifting partner suddenly had a kid, and you’re freaking out. If you really want to give him a gift he’ll appreciate, swap in for a shift watching the baby while he catches a long-overdue nap. In lieu of that option, we rounded up 18 others that’ll do the trick, for Father’s Day and beyond (and you can start by never, ever bringing up any of those stories again).

#1 Infant Personalized NBA Bodysuit

Sure, the season might be cancelled, but there's no reason your buddy's newborn shouldn't stay repping his home team.

#2 ‘Go the F**k to Sleep’

Because honestly, that kid needs to go the f**k to sleep. 

#3 ‘Oud 27’ Perfume Oil

Chances are if you're buddy's going out at all, he's going to want something that can partially mask the not-so-subtle smell of many a sleepless night and showerless day, with minimal effort on his part.

#4 Weighted Sleep Mask

Give your over-extended friend the best gift he could ask for: a slumber so deep he'll almost forget it's been a few days since he last caught some z's. 

#5 501 Original Fit Men’s Jeans

New dads need a pair of pants that can stand up to spit-up stains and everything else his suddenly hectic life throws his way, without sacrificing comfort or style.

#6 Tasman Slipper Ugg

Your buddy's about to be spending even more time in the house. Make being homebound slightly more bearable with slippers so comfortable he won't want to take 'em off. 

#7 Wool Runners

Dad shoes don’t have to be bad shoes. These are ultra comfortable and perfect for walking after small children that suddenly learned how to crawl.

#8 J.Crew Mercantile Men’s Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

He’s going to need all the crisp, clean polos he can get. Order him one of J.Crew’s in every color. 

#9 Chuck Taylor All Star Cribster

Matching Chucks couldn't be cuter.

#10 BEST GAG GIFT. Burrito Baby Wrap

A gift that'll make dad chuckle, and then smile fondly, every time he sees it.

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